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Wizard Werks – Affordable Phoenix Auto Repair

Before you call an expensive European car dealership to have your vehicle repaired or have that abnormal clicking sound checked out, turn to Wizard Werks in Phoenix for all your automotive repair and auto body shop needs.

We specialize in top brand vehicles. If you are tired of dealing with a Phoenix auto body shop that has no respect for their clientele, bring your car to us, and we will change the way you think about a body shop.

Outstanding Automotive Service in The Phoenix Area

We have over 20 years of experience helping people just like you identify and fix their car problems. Do not ignore your car’s issues. Whether you need an alignment or new tires, we are an alternative for foreign auto repair.

Wizard Werks employs licensed and trained professional technicians who regularly complete BMW auto repairs, Range Rover repairs, Audi auto repairs and more.

Whether you need your bumper, car doors or engine replaced, Wizard Werks can get the job done. Collisions can be scary and they cause damage to your vehicle. We make sure all Mercedes Benz auto repairs and Land Rovers repairs are done correctly and professionally the first time.

And if you need your car detailed or the transmission replaced, Wizard Werks is a one stop shop. We not only make mechanical repairs, but we refinish the door scratches, dents and dings that come from everyday wear and tear, making your vehicle look brand new again.

Life can be crazy without a car, and that is why we provide pick up and drop off service, and car reimbursement. Turn to Wizard Werks for all of your vehicle needs.